Letter to parents and carers from our Chair of Governors 

Dear all,

I am delighted to be able to share our latest Ofsted report with you. We are proud to announce that following a 2 day visit in January 2023 the inspectors considered our school to be GOOD in every respect.   

There has been a huge amount of change since we were last inspected in 2017, including a complete change in senior leadership and a pandemic!  This change has required extreme commitment and dedication by all staff.  This was a key point picked up by Ofsted - they could see how hard everyone has worked, what a long journey the school has been on, and the positive effect it has had on the children's learning and love of school.

As governors it was a privilege to be able to meet with the inspectors and explain how proud we are of the school and all the staff.  Their enthusiasm, resilience and passion for teaching is evident every day, and their driving ambition for all children to reach their potential was evident to the inspectors. 

Thanks must go to Mrs Adams and her leadership team for their ambitious vision for the school – one of continual improvement with every child achieving their potential.  

Our work here is not done however!  We will continue looking for ways to improve our school, both in terms of academic outcomes for pupils and their personal wider development.  

Many thanks also go to the parents and carers, who continue to partner with us to support the children.

With kind regards

Chair of Governors
(On behalf of the Governing Board)


Please see our page on the Ofsted website for more information:

Ofsted: Burhill Primary School


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