Internet Safety

Statement of Intent: Internet Safety

As a foundation, pupils explore how the Internet operates in order to gather research and information as well as the ability to collaborate with others worldwide, whilst staying safe by employing strategies such as distinguishing between inappropriate contact and positive connections.

Pupils look at how to manage their privacy, security, as well as learn about relationships, cyberbullying, individual digital footprints, image and identity.

At Burhill, pupils will become autonomous, competent users of computing technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment through the learning opportunities provided. At the start of every year, all pupils are expected to agree to the terms laid out in our Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement. In Key Stage 1, this agreement is shared and agreed to verbally. In Key Stage 2, this agreement is shared and agreed to with a signature in each pupil’s school planner.

Further information can be found on these websites:


For government advice related to Coronvirus (COVID-19)  and support for parents and carers to keep children safe online, please see the following link:



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E-Safety Policy 23rd Jan 2020 Download
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