Our Staff

Strategic, Planning and Leadership Team

Headteacher            Gemma Adams
Deputy Headteacher    Emily Webb
Assistant Headteacher     Louise Griffith
Assistant Headteacher/UKS2 Leader Michelle Hinsley
Inclusion Manager Shona Waller
Early Years Leader Julie Kirwan
Key Stage 1 Leader Katie Brown
Lower Key Stage 2 Leader Katie Potterell
Literacy Faculty Leader Luke Routley
Maths Faculty Leader Siobhan Patterson
Middle Leaders Jo Russell, Clare Whittington, Elisabeth Hoskins, Amie Brady, Andrea Sear, Stephanie Vincett
Child Protection Officers        Gemma Adams, Shona Waller, Michelle Hinsley, Emily Webb, Louise Griffith Audrey Pugh
Home School Link Worker Audrey Pugh


Teacher Clare Whittington
Teaching Assistant Jane Rice



Teacher Julie Kirwan
Cover teacher Jessica Walden
Teaching Assistant Celeste Thomas
Teacher Elisabeth Hoskins
Teaching Assistant Kayleigh Rodgman
Teacher and middle leader Katy Newman
Teaching Assistant Melissa Matthews

Year 1

Teacher Kirsty Marshall
Teaching Assistant Mandy Kewley
Teacher Katie Brown
Cover Teacher Jessica Walden
Teaching Assistant Sophie Lewis
Teacher and middle leader Andrea Sear
Teaching Assistant Emma Gagliano


Year 2

Teacher Joanna Russell
Teaching Assistant Vicki Hawkins
Teacher Paige Cherrington
Cover Teacher Jessica Walden
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Juliet Hamman
Teacher           Rebecca Malicdem
Teaching Assistant Cara Parladorio


Year 3

Teachers Stephanie Vincett and Lauren Ripley    
Teaching Assistant Daisy Bates
Teacher Katie Flanagan
Teaching Assistant Elizabeth West
Teacher Katie Johnson
Cover Teacher Elizabeth Leeds
Teaching Assistant Nicki Aspell


Year 4

Teacher Katie Potterell
Teaching Assistant Anna Gaynor
Teacher Sophie Leeds
Teaching Assistant Kristina Creek
Teacher Aimee Neal
Teaching Assistant  Jo Anderson


Year 5

Teacher Amie Brady
Teaching Assistant Jenny Ashmead
Teacher Polly Smith
Teaching Assistant Carrie Iddins
Teacher and phase leader Michael Johnson
Cover teacher    Elizabeth Leeds
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Georgia Quinnen


Year 6

Teacher Amie Brady
Teaching Assistant Jenny Ashmead
Teacher Freya Hutchinson
Teaching Assistant Natalie Garbett
Teacher and middle leader Siobhan Patterson
Teaching Assistant  Louise Goreham
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Nemone Wyatt
Sports Teacher Tobias Whishaw


All Year Group Teachers

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Nemone Wyatt
Sports Teacher Tobias Whishaw

Learning Support Assistants

  • Cassie Austin
  • Hannah Bridge
  • Emma Cairns
  • Kelly Deacon
  • Kerry Feltham
  • Sally FitzGerald
  • Lucy Evans
  • Lucy Gay
  • Nicola Harcourt-Smith
  • Sarah Hoffman-Kazlauskas
  • Mary Layshon
  • Louise Letts
  • Jillian Lippiatt
  • Jo McDonough
  • Holly Morgan
  • Susanne Papworth
  • Julie Porta Rios
  • Celeste Thomas
  • Joanna Thomas
  • Angie Watkins
  • Emma Welch
  • Candice Wolfson
  • Jo Woodward

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Emma Gagliano SSMSA
  • Anna Gaynor SSMSA
  • Sarah Barter
  • Diane Boyle
  • Sylvia Correia
  • Kristina Creek
  • Kelly Deacon
  • Sharon Garbutt
  • Louise Goreham
  • Nicola Harcourt-Smith
  • Melissa Matthews
  • Joanne McDonagh
  • Nicola Nash
  • Nicola Pompei
  • Georgia Quinnen
  • Pauline Ryalls
  • Claire Schulte
  • Emma Welch
  • Elizabeth West

Administration and Premises

Business Manager Rosalind Frost
Administrative Assistants

Virginia Connor

Jayne Duddy

Genevieve Hewitson

Colette Steer

Caretaker Martyn Hill
Librarian Natalie Garbett


Early Birds Breakfast Club

Manager Jo Woodward
Supervisors              Nicola Pompei, Emma Welch, Liz West


Stay and Play After School Club

Manager Juliet Hamman
Supervisors              Jo Woodward, Pauline Ryalls, Lisa Cuddington



Chair of Governors Elizabeth Carson
Vice Chair of Governors Lisa Yarwood
Governors Jane Anderson, Jackie Richardson, Annie Clorley, Siobhan Patterson


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