Parent Forum: School Priority Focus: All Priorities Review

7th July 2022 14:00

Please join us for our Parent Forum.  Each session will be linked to one of our school priorities. As a reminder, our school priorities for this year are:

Our Key Priorities
1. Our school's curriculum intent is clearly constructed and ambitious for all children.
2. Our school’s implementation of the curriculum is effective and consistent ensuring improved outcomes in all subjects.
3. Leaders at all levels drive high expectations for all children and are skilled at evaluating the impact of their actions.
4. Leaders and staff create a calm, orderly and positive community in the school and this is evident in the behaviours and attitudes of all children and all staff.
5. Our school provides opportunities and support for all children to extend their personal development and physical and mental wellbeing.
6. There is a safe and ambitious culture in which we refuse to accept barriers to achievement for all children.

Prior to each meeting, a web form to indicate your attendance will be sent out. We will also send out a parent questionnaire before each meeting so that we can gather views of parents across the school in advance, in order to better inform the session.
We hope that you are able to join us and look forward to hearing your views.

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