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Religious Education

The school follows Surrey’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. We provide opportunities for children to develop an understanding of the world’s major religions and encourage children to appreciate the moral and spiritual teachings of all faiths. There is an assembly fortnightly, led by the local vicar, which strengthens the community and affirms the values, foundations and ideals of the school. We attend St Peter’s Church for Christmas and Easter services as well as a celebration service at the end of the school year. Parents may withdraw their children from all or part of the religious education and collective worship if they wish, in which case alternative educational provision will be made. 

The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools aims to ensure that all pupils:

 • demonstrate an appreciation of the nature of religion and the important contribution of religious and spiritual insights and values to the individual’s search for meaning in life

 • develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity, and of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain, both through their history and their contemporary diverse expressions • develop interest in and enthusiasm for the study of religion and beliefs and enhance their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural education

 • develop the ability to make reasoned, informed and creative responses to religious and moral issues

 • recognise the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on the individual, on culture and on communities throughout the world