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Governors at Burhill Primary School

Members of the school's Governing Body work in close partnership with the school, and their role is essentially a strategic one: managing the budget and staffing, and helping the school to set and achieve its long-term and strategic aims. 


Burhill's Governors are from five categories: parent governors (3), a staff governor (1 + the Headteacher), a Local Authority governor (1), foundation governors (2), and co-opted governors (4). Burhill's Governing Body also has Associate Members, who are not full governors but share their expertise at full GB and committee meetings. All governors serve for a four year term.


Burhill has a very active Governing Body, and all governors visit the school regularly and have active links with classes.


Information: Spring 2019

NameCategoryAppointed byTerm of officeServes onGovernor at another schoolRelationship to staff member or other governorAttendance at FGB (3 Plus EGB)Attendance at Committee meetingsPosition of responsibility
Tim EckesFoundationVoice Education Trust1 Dec 14 – 30 Nov 18Steering CommitteeNoNone 3/3 and EGBSteering 3/3Chair of Governors
    Logistical Dev Committee            Logistical development 3/3Chair of Logistical Development Committee
    Pupil Committee   Finance 3/3Governor responsible for liaison with LA in the event of allegation (Child Protection ) against Head
    Finance Committee   Resources 3/3 
    Resources Committee   Pay committee 1/1 
    Pay Committee     
Amira HughesCo-optedGoverning Body27 Sept 15 – 26 Sept 19Pupil CommitteeNoNone 3/3 and EGBPupil 3/3Vice Chair of Governors
    Steering Committee            Steering 3/3Chair of Pupil Committee
         Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor
Sally Hewlett-TaylorHeadteacherex officio01 Sept 13 onwardsLogistical Dev CommitteeNoEmployed as staff member3/3 and EGBLogistical Development 3/3 
    Steering Committee            Steering 3/3 
    Resources Committee   Resources 3/3 
    Finance Committee   Finance 3/3 
    Pay Committee   Pupil 3/3 
Jack GravilFoundationVoice Education Trust22 Feb 16 – 21 Feb 20Logistical Dev CommitteeNoNone 2/3 and EGBLogistical development 3/3Chair of Resources/Finance
    Resources Committee            Resources 3/3 
    Finance Committee   Finance 3/3 
    Steering Committee   Steering 3/3 
    Pay Committee   Pay Committee 1/1 
Emily Webb,
nee Ainscough
StaffStaff21 Oct 15 – 20 Oct 19Logistical Dev CommitteeNoEmployed as staff member3/3 and EGBLogistical development 3/3 
    Pupil Committee            Pupil 3/3 
Jane AndersonParent Parent Body01 June 18 - 31 May 22Pupil CommitteeNoNone1/3 and EGBPupil 2/3Pupil Committee
Julie Kirwan-SmithCo-optedGoverning Body9 Nov 15 – 8 Nov 19Pupil CommitteeNoNone3/3 and EGBPupil 3/3Link Governor
Lisa YarwoodParent Parent Body  NoNone1/3 and EGB  
Elisabeth CarsonParent Parent Body22 Feb 16 – 21 Feb 20Resources CommitteeNoNone3/3 and EGBResources 3/3 
    Finance Committee   Finance 3/3 
    Pay Committee   Pay Committee 1/1 
Past chair of governors         
Dorothy ClarkFoundationVoice Education Trust07 Jan 14 – 9  Nov 15Steering CommitteeNoNone  Chair of Governors

The Voice Education Trust

We are part of the Voice Education Trust- a group of schools who formed a Trust back in 2008.

Other schools in the Trust are The Orchard, Chandler’s Field, and Hurst Park- all local to this area.

Each school in the Trust has 2 Trust governors, who sit on the Voice Education Trust Board. Also on the board are the head teachers from each of the schools, who are in turn directors of the Trust.

Currently our 2 Voice Education Trust governors are Mr T. Eckes, and Mr J. Gravil.


Our Values – Our Core Purpose

Each school in the VET wants the same thing for every child in their school.

  1. We passionately believe in the development of the whole child through nurture, and know this is the most effective route to excellent outcomes for each child.
  2. We want every child to be ambitious, happy, safe, curious, outward facing, optimistic- and to learn without limits.


What do our children gain from being in schools in the VET?

•             Staff share training- maximising good practice

•             Cross moderation is embedded, helping raise standards

•             Staff share expertise-supporting each other through new developments in curriculum and assessment, building local networks of shared expertise

•             Children are offered broader cultural and sporting opportunities- shared events making good use of economies of scale

•             Children join with other local groups to develop a stronger sense of community- growing the skills needed to become active tolerant and useful local citizens of the future