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Aims & Values

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What do we VALUE at Burhill Primary School, Nursery and Children’s Centre?

  1. We believe that every child deserves to enjoy being at school, and that learning happens best when children are happy. We aim to create an environment where each child can wonder about the world around them, and learn according to their own interests.
  2. Every adult who works with the children here does so with a smile - we cherish the amazing privilege of being with a child whilst they are learning - and we develop strong bonds of care and love as the year goes on.
  3. It is our job to help and support each child as they become independent learners. We encourage them to think in all sorts of ways, and to talk about their thinking. We also know when to step back, and let them discover the world on their own.
  4. We teach the children to respect their environment, and the people in it. We understand the need for peace and quiet as well as the freedom to express their feelings freely. Our children learn to play and work in an easy calm atmosphere, where they learn to share with, and respect the rights of their friends, and move towards becoming tolerant people.
  5. We expect the children to join us in caring for the things around them, and we aim for a clean, fresh and tidy environment.
  6. Above all else, our clear focus is on learning, and we have high expectations for each and every one of the children. We encourage each child to think of themselves as an enthusiastic learner, and to be proud of every new step they take along the learning journey.
  7. We value highly the partnership between home and school, and hold in high esteem the contributions that all family members can make towards a child's learning.

These are the values that drive us every day at Burhill. They help us plan for and organise the learning environment for our children, and they guide us when tricky situations arise. All adults who work here use these values every day to guide their work.